The annual Women4Climate conference

The annual Women4Climate conference is one of C40's flagship events, designed to bring together hundreds of influential and inspiring mayors, business leaders and innovative change makers from around the world who are committed to taking action on climate change and air pollution.

The conference provides a critical platform for a unique cross-section of powerful women – and men – to advance a shared agenda that spans education, innovation, and social equality. It highlights the critical role of women in creating a healthier, greener and more economically prosperous urban future.

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C40 thought leadership events provide a common platform for C40 mayors to advocate on the global stage to inform the wider conversation around women and climate by encouraging and engaging stakeholders in open debate.

They also provide to the mentees of the Women4Climate initiative the opportunity to highlight their projects and champion their engagement as well as to access to exemplary women leaders who will inspire and guide them using their own experiences and challenges.