Women4Climate Barcelona

Barcelona Mentorship Programme 2019

“The fight against climate change presents us with the challenge of bringing about a huge transformation of the city. This is a challenge that is worth fighting through, not just because it is an act of global justice but also because it will enable us to achieve a healthier, more pleasant and more sustainable city”
Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau Ballano

Barcelona is committed to ambitious climate action and intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030 and turn into a carbon-neutral city by 2050. Achieving this commitment has prompted Barcelona to embark on many initiatives including the launch of a C40 Women4Climate mentorship programme to provide a platform for women in Barcelona to contribute to climate action and help Barcelona achieve its climate goals.

The Barcelona Women4Climate mentorship programme will contribute to the emergence of the next generation of climate leaders by sharing knowledge and experience and by developing their skills. The C40 Women4Climate Mentorship Program will match political leaders and committed leaders from the business sector, international organisations, and community organisations with emerging female leaders. The mentors will share their knowledge and experiences, supporting the mentees in becoming powerful leaders in their chosen field including politics, NGOs, business, media, and community groups.

The Barcelona Women4Climate mentorship programme will be run in conjunction with Barcelona Activa, who has various programmes is aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs at advanced and initial stages of their business project through the mentorship programme. The Women4Climate mentees will be selected within Barcelona Activa programmes based on their climate change and sustainability aspects of their projects.

You can still apply to the following Barcelona Activa programmes to become a Women4Climate mentee:

  • Women mentoring program: A programme aimed at women who have a business idea or entrepreneurial project and wish to put it into operation. It offers support in the business plan's preparation, personalised tutorials and help in the search for funding sources. Applications are accepted all year long with deadlines set for two intakes per year. The upcoming deadline for the Women Mentoring programme is 16th of February. Apply here: Women Mentoring Programme
  • Inica: aimed at women who have a business idea or entrepreneurial project and want to kick - start it. It offers support in the preparation of the business plan, individualized tutoring and help in the search for funding sources. The deadline for Inica is on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. Apply here: Inica 
  • Lidera el Cambio: provides ongoing support for women in the development of their professional careers, with the aim of reducing the “glass ceiling” effect and facilitating access to executive positions, generating new leadership models that drive transformations in organisations and raise the profile of the transformational potential of female leadership for promoting different enterprises. Apply here: Lidera el Cambio


It is in the framework of this programme that a series of networking activities open to all women are being run, entitled Afterworks, and taking place once a month, from 6 pm to 8 pm. You can consult the calendar here for the next sessions.


  • El Women mentoring program es un proyecto de acompañamiento y orientación dirigido a mujeres emprendedoras, en fases iniciales o de consolidación del proyecto empresarial. 
  • El programa Inicia es un programa dirigido a mujeres que tienen una idea de negocio o proyecto emprendedor y quieren ponerlo en marcha. Ofrece apoyo en la elaboración del plan de empresa, tutorías individualizadas y ayuda en la búsqueda de fuentes de financiación.
  • El programa Lidera el Cambio acompaña a las mujeres en el desarrollo de su carrera profesional, con los objetivos de reducir el efecto del llamado techo de cristal y facilitar el acceso a posiciones directivas; generar nuevos modelos de liderazgo que se conviertan motor de transformación en las organizaciones y hacer visible el potencial transformador del liderazgo femenino para promover empresas diferentes. 

En el marco de este programa se realizan una serie de actividades de networking abiertas para todas las mujeres, llamadas "Afterwork" y tienen lugar una vez al mes de 18 a 20h. Puedes consultar aquí el calendario de las próximas sesiones.

Follow this LINK to learn more about the City of Barcelona's inclusive climate actions.