Project: SILVA

Leila’s background is sustainable computing. She received her PhD in computer science in a double degree program from Tecnico Lisboa and Barcelona Tech in 2016. She serves as a lecturer and researcher since then. Moreover, she has experience of managing several software projects, and now she is one of the founders of SILVA  (Silent Values For Sustainability) startup.


Nowadays, a lot of home-made products and individual skills which can be in the economic cycle, remain silent. In SILVA, we want to empower home businesses by helping these silent values find their voice through through making them visible, accessible and profitable in a sustainable way. To this end, we offer an online platform in which people can buy and sell home-made products and services and get credit for each transaction. Moreover, to keep our clients on sustainability track, we create sustainability profile for each person, which can be promoted according to the person’s activities in this platform.

We have always been thinking that there is a lot of potentials in our community which remain silent. By using these potentials, it is possible to create added-values and increase income. Home goods and services are some examples, e.g. selling and buying sewing and knitting products, home grown plants and providing translation services. The growing use of the Internet and online world among the people provides an exceptional opportunity to offer an online platform. This platform bring the skills of the individuals in our community which are not currently in the economic cycle to the market.


In SILVA silent values are brought to the market which helps to conserve the ecosystem by working from home, less driving, local access and optimal use of home potential. Meanwhile, it is in line with United Nations sustainability goals: Sustainable Cities and Communities (11); Responsible Consumption and Production (12); Partnerships to achieve the Goal (17). The most important achievement is maximising the efficiency of resources and abilities to create the added value from ignored sources. In fact, SILVA provides chances to create job opportunities and helps environment protection; all these happen via developing sustainability culture in this platform.

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