Tessier de l’Étoile

Project: Ilôt 84

Currently director general of non-profit organisation Îlot 84, Marie-Pier oversees a variety of experiential projects. Since 2010, Marie-Pier has held various key positions in Montréal's cultural and events community. Previously general manager of the Chromatic Festival, she was also development and production officer of the SPASM Festival, and the coordinator of the logistics department of Piknic Électronik /Igloofest - a department she set up in 2011. Skilled in creative ideas, development, financing, production: she now oversees all stages of her projects that deal with culture, creativity and social innovation.

Îlot 84 is a Montreal-based NPO whose mission is to revitalize urban spaces by creating cultural, professional, and artistic experiences. Previous projects include St. Jean's Day in Villeray,;Aire commune; and the ‘village of the ugly fir’. Îlot 84 has worked on unifying projects in Montreal's flagship neighbourhoods since its creation in 2015. Driven by a vision of an effervescent city energized by unique, exciting common spaces, since 2017 Îlot 84 has specialised in the creation of coworking spaces and outdoor events to gather and connect communities in business districts.


"For both Îlot 84 and myself, starting a business in 2019 can only make sense if we position ourselves to be part of the solution to the challenges of sustainable development. As a young company in an industry that has a lot to do to improve its practices, we are determined to show leadership in this direction and to mobilize the players in our community and our clientele."