Project: Épicerie LOCO

I am a violinist and teacher by trade and dove into the universe of Zero Waste in 2014. Quickly seduced by the Zero Waste concept, I started to apply the 5 basic rules in my daily life (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot (compost)). In the spring of 2016, I was part of the organizing committee for McGill University’s first Zero Waste Fiesta. This event allowed me to meet the founders of LOCO and join their team in August 2016. I would then be at the forefront to educate and inform people about waste reduction. In September 2017, I became assistant manager at the second LOCO location, in Verdun. I am in charge of product orders, employee training and event organization. In everything I do, you can sense a deep interest in teaching. My studies in education allowed me to develop many teaching skills. For things that can seem complicated at first, I love simplifying and making them understandable to everyone.


Since being introduced to the Zero Waste world, I noticed that people around me are inspired by my actions and want to do their bit, but they often feel overwhelmed. They don’t know where to start or don’t know what company they can trust. My goal is to inspire people to change their habits, one at a time. I want people to know that they can start at any point, any time, any age and anywhere, with their own limits at their own pace. I wish to give people the knowledge, the tools and the confidence they need to live a more sustainable (and less wasteful) life. Those people can then become Zero Waste ambassadors around them. I also work to create an awesome work environment at Épicerie LOCO. I ensure that our Zero Waste ambassadors are well trained, have the information they need to educate the public, work together, and most importantly, have fun!

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Training for the employees at Épicerie LOCO: from simple in-store procedures to customer education. The training is built to involve employees in improving their work environment. Each employee is encouraged to use their own skills, abilities and interests towards a project. Education and awareness: By organizing conferences, workshops and participating in Zero Waste events, we want to make people aware of how they can reduce their waste, one habit at a time! Information: In order to restore the contact and the proximity relationship between artisans/producers and consum’actor *, we learn about the producers with whom we work and their products; where do they come from, who created or grew them, how is it made, etc. By giving consum’actors all the necessary information, in all transparency, we enlighten them to make the right choices according to their reality. *From the French term “consomm’acteur” popularized by Laure Waridel.