Project: Vépluche

Born in Toulouse and raised in southern France, Clara has always deeply cared for the environment. Convinced that politics were key to make the world greener, she studied at SciencesPo Paris and now works for the French Environment Ministry. Fond of zero waste, Clara got more and more interested in organic waste potential. How about scaling it up to reduce global waste and strengthen alternative energy production? While still a student, she and a group of friends came up with Vépluche: a service to save restaurants’ organic waste from the trash by collecting it with a cargo bike and turn it into biogaz. Clara has now joined the C40 program Women4Climate to boost the development of Vépluche. Vépluche is a start-up project linked to the bicycle collection of plant products for compost in order to transform them into bio-gas and natural fertilizer.


Behaving in an ecofriendly way is not a fashion trend to me. It is how I have been raised by my family. We have always taken into account our impact in our actions: food purchasing and growing, types of transportation, diligence in recycling and composting… These are values to me and they are part of my personality. It is the lens through which I see the world and make my decisions. I aim at leading a personal life and a professional career in full respect with my sustainability principles and convictions.

I wish I created a green startup in the years to come. Indeed I believe that elaborating an efficient economic model that promotes a green product or service is a valuable way of making change happen in our societies. I also wish I turned zero waste. Moreover, I would like to get involved in politics in order to deal with public responsibilities regarding climate change and transition towards a greener economy. Overall, I am more than ready to fully dedicate myself to addressing climate change… and I long to channeling my motivation into impacting and sustainable projects for the environment.