Tel Aviv - Yafo Mentorship Programme

Women4Climate Tel Aviv-Yafo 2022

Women4Climate is an international program, a joint initiative of C40 and the L'Oréal Foundation. The municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, as a committed member of C40, is proud to launch the third cohort of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Women4Climate mentorship program.

The purpose of the program is to encourage and support entrepreneurship and innovation among women on environmental and sustainability issues that contribute to the city's climate preparedness plan. Women participating in the program will be working on important areas including energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energies, the promotion of sustainable transportation, reducing waste to landfill, green construction, promoting urban ecosystems, preparing for extreme weather events, and supporting social and gender equality in the context of the climate crisis. 

Women participating in the program will have access to intensive professional training sessions, the municipal databases and climate plan, and support from a team of mentors, as well as an introduction to the entrepreneurship and technology scene in Israel. These opportunities will provide tools for success in the world of climate entrepreneurship. Participants will also have access to joint international training and networking opportunities with women climate leaders part of the global Women4Climate network.

The program is promoted under the leadership of the Environment and Sustainability Authority, The platform, Tel Aviv Global and Tourism, The Municipal Resilience and Social Equality Authority and CITYZONE.

In memory of Dr. Shimrit Perkol Finkel, an environmental entrepreneur who was a graduate of the programme and who has left a legacy of ground-breaking innovations and striving for excellence.