Women4Climate Barcelona

Barcelona Mentorship Programme 2019

“The fight against climate change presents us with the challenge of bringing about a huge transformation of the city. This is a challenge that is worth fighting through, not just because it is an act of global justice but also because it will enable us to achieve a healthier, more pleasant and more sustainable city”. 

Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau Ballano

Barcelona is committed to ambitious climate action and intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and turn into a carbon-neutral city by 2050. Achieving this commitment has prompted Barcelona to embark on many initiatives including the launch of a C40 Women4Climate mentorship programme to provide a platform for women in Barcelona to contribute to climate action and help Barcelona achieve its climate goals.

The Barcelona Women4Climate mentorship programme will contribute to the emergence of the next generation of climate leaders by sharing knowledge and experience and by developing their skills. The programme matches committed leaders across public and private sector with emerging women leaders.

The Barcelona Women4Climate mentorship programme is running in conjunction with Barcelona Activa. Their programmes are aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs at advanced and initial stages of their business project through mentorship programmes. The Women4Climate mentees will continue to be selected within Barcelona Activa programmes based on their climate change and sustainability aspects of their projects.

You can still apply to the following Barcelona Activa programmes to become part of the Women4Climate: Inicia, Women Mentoring Programme and many other programs for women.