Women4Climate Freetown

Freetown Mentorship Programme 2019

“Climate action is central to our #TransformFreetown agenda and was my principal reason for running for office. We know from bitter experiences that unabated deforestation, unplanned urban development risk, coastal and river bed constructions and land reclamation have created a perfect recipe for flooding and landslides, resulting in deaths, destruction of homes and properties. Women and children are at the heart of these disasters and bear the weight of the aftermath.
The Women4Climate mentorship program will enable us to work with women across multiple sectors to take positive actions and tackle the root causes of climate change in our city.”

Her Worship the Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr

FREETOWN is proud to launch a Women4Climate Mentorship Program in partnership with the C40 network and the Sierra Leone Women Engineers. The aim of the Freetown mentorship program is to support emerging women leaders to become more expert influencers while mobilising others to be influential in their efforts to accelerate action on climate change. The program aims to provide participants with the support they need to become even more effective leaders in their chosen field, including politics, business, public service, NGOs and media.

The Freetown Women4Climate Mentorship programme  is focused on the core drivers of urbanisation and new strategies to increase citizens local resilience capacity to prevent, withstand and respond to recurring climate induced hazards and shocks. It additionally supports projects aiming to address the combined underlying impacts triggered by everyday risks and small scale episodic disasters; resulting from urban risk traps as well as recurring large shocks such as the 2017 mudslides.