Women4Climate Montreal

Montréal Mentorship Programme 2018

Mayor Plante with the mentees

The City of Montreal, in partnership with the Council for Sustainable Industries, Ellio Inc. and the Government of Quebec, is launching a unique mentorship program. 

The Montreal Sustainable Development Path will offer to 15 small and medium-sized companies individual support to help them become role models of sustainable, inspiring businesses, benefitting all city residents.

Among the 15 participants, as part of C40 initiative Women4Climate, 10 will be women addressing climate change through innovative, forward-thinking projects.

The Path will offer workshops, individual training and conferences, as well as a certification in sustainable development.

Each selected applicant will be assigned a mentor to support and strengthen their work.

"As the first female mayor of Montréal, I am committed to making sustainable mobility, economy and climate change my priorities. And I want to make sure that women have a say in these issues. Together, we continue to implement an ambitious plan leading the way to a safer, healthier and greener city. This is why I am proud that Montréal is launching its Women4Climate Mentorship Program to support and encourage young women leaders to play an active role in their communities”
Mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante