20:20 Visions - Greening the Grid

The City of Sydney launched its C40 Women4Climate Mentorship Program in May, with Mayor Clover Moore stating “Climate action is the City of Sydney’s top priority”, as reflected in the City’s 2030 Strategy and Climate Emergency declaration.

Ahead of the Global Climate Strike called for 20 September, the program’s 20 mentees are taking this opportunity to share the vision for each of their projects, and their view on climate activism. The outcomes of their projects will be presented at the global Women4Climate Conference in Sydney in April 2020.

Tricia Lorenzo

Greening the Grid

My Vision

My vision is for a world powered by our abundant renewable resources; where smart grids and storage systems support the variability of renewable energy and lower the cost of energy for all users, where energy security is high and little is wasted and where smart users harvest and generate energy at the right times and reap the benefits. This vision is exciting because it can be realised using the technology and innovation available today.

My Project

My role in our energy transition is to challenge the ways organisations and businesses interact with their energy systems. Through developing a business case that shifts their paradigm from old world to new, I help organisations to interact with the energy market, so they can take advantage of energy flows and the cheapest form of new generation available in the market, renewables.

My mission is to find the organisations that can play a role in the energy transition, through accessing the market that gives clear energy signals, engaging with renewable energy generators, utilising distributed energy systems and storage technologies that will support Australia’s transition to a low carbon electricity mix. 

I have always believed in the agility of the private sector and state governments to make the right choices and act quickly. If I am successful, I will have helped transition 80 GWh of energy use towards the system of the future.

Importance of Cities

Cities are our hubs of business and commerce. They are a living confluence of disparate groups and people. On weekdays, the City of Sydney population of around 240,000 local residents, swells to 437,000 workers and 615,000 day visitors and students. The cities we live in and around can influence us on important topics and these messages have the ability to create impactful and meaningful change.

Climate Strike

In the end we do this for our children, and the generations that come after us. Our wealth today cannot come at the cost of the future, and so it is our duty to support them. What good is all our technology and innovation if we cannot use it to make a better world for them, especially when it is clear that we are moving towards one that will not be. There is no question, we must take radical action now.