Écotable, a Parisian initiative by W4C Mentee Fanny Giansetto

The Secretary of State for Crafts and Small Business of France came up with an initiative in 2014, Home Made (Fait Maison), to be established in restaurants. The idea was to have more transparent menus so consumers know what they are consuming, where it's from and bring back the authenticity in French restaurants. More than 4 years later, and little has been seen of this initiative. 

To remediate the situation, Women4Climate released "Écotable", an initiative supported by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. 

Écotable wants to take the power from the government to decide on the transparency of the provenience of food and to give the power to consumers that pay for the meals. That is to sa,y the consumer has the responsibility to pay more attention and make eco-responsible decisions while doing its daily shopping. 

To do so, restaurants need to be accountable and transparent regarding water consumption, energy consuption, reclying, waste and organic food; all through a score scheme, to comply with the following criteria:

- 15% of products must come from organic places;

- Sorting for food must be systematic;

- Chicken eggs that come from chickens raised in cages must be banished;

- Menus should change according to seasons;

- Menus must include at least one vegetarian option;

- Waste must be diminished.

Écotable has the necessary tools to push this initiative forward and advise on restaurants on how to improve the scores. However, Écotable does not claim any legitimacy to judge the talent of chefs, as posed by Andréa Marcelli from the project, "our ecological approach should give the structures of the daily life and this allows chefs to explore their creativity". 

(Read more in French here)