SYDNEY: Women4Climate Research awarded the Planning Disruptor Award 2020

The study, On the Go: How women travel around our cityproduced by the City of Sydney and C40 Cities Women4Climate was awarded the Planning Disruptor Award at the Greater Sydney Planning Awards 2020

The study supported by Michelin Foundation investigates how to get more women, who undertake complex trips, to use active transport (walking and cycling) across Greater Sydney by unpacking the key drivers and barriers that are shaping women’s transport choices and by providing recommendations for developing more inclusive transport strategies. By better understanding women’s unique mobility needs, and addressing the unique barriers they experience, women can be supported and empowered to make greener transport choices.

Read the full study here. For a quick summary of the findings, check out this infographic.

Find out more how the City of Sydney is using the study to inform its active transport policies.