Vancouver: Women4Climate mentee Jennifer Johnson shares her mentoring journey

"Solar Connect’s first year operations exceeded my expectations. The support that the Women4Climate Programme mentors provided was key to our success. My company helped citizens make the switch from carbon intensive energy sources to renewable energy. We installed 6 projects which will eliminate 300,000 kg-CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere." - Jennifer Johnson, Founder, Solar Connect, and Mentee of the 1st edition of the Women4Climate Vancouver Mentorship Programme.

Jennifer's Journey

Jennifer is the Founder and Director of Engineering of Solar Connect, a solar energy company helping BC transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Jennifer feels incredibly lucky to have been part of Vancouver’s Women4Climate Program. It was her company’s first year of operation and she expressed great excitement at having women around her who were also working towards inspiring climate action in Vancouver city. The advice she received from her mentor Meeru Dhalwala helped improve her business plan and external presence. Jennifer mentions that the support from her mentor made a real difference to her success throughout the year. In addition to one on one mentoring, W4C Vancouver had several excellent meetings that included all of the mentors and mentees. These meetings were open and collaborative and Jennifer received immense help from different experts with engineering and political backgrounds.

About Solar Connect

Solar Connect helps its customers reduce their carbon footprint by switching from traditional sources of energy to solar energy. The people Solar Connect tends to install solar energy projects for are single and multi-family home owners and First Nations communities. They all have the same goals in common, which are to generate their own energy, become energy efficient, and save money on utility bills. Based on how much energy their home uses throughout the year, Solar Connect determines how many solar panels they will need to match it and become net zero carbon. After the initial phase of designing the system, and acquiring building and electrical permits from their local municipality, we order and install the customer’s solar energy materials. The entire process is 12 steps, takes 4 to 6 weeks, and results in a solar energy system generating energy that feeds directly into a home.

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