Welcome Auckland to the W4C Mentorship Programme!

Despite the early 7.00am start, over 50 women climate leaders got together in Auckland, New Zealand on October 9, 2019, to discuss how we could support each other through a mentee + mentor programme.  The buzz in the room was amazing and the women discuss their ideas on what could be done in Auckland. The energy and noise in the room was infectious.  Everyone was excited about the opportunity to become part of a global movement supported by C40. 

What became very clear from the conversations was that what the young women wanted the most was the opportunity to learn from and be guided by senior women who have been successful in climate action – particularly to develop the skills needed to be effective climate leaders themselves.  So we are now looking to design a W4C initiative that has three key elements:

1.       Networking events as opportunities for us to mix and mingle in an informal setting

2.       Mentoring where we match young climate leaders with mentors

3.       Training to build the skills to help the young women climate leaders to be effective

 From the perspective of the mentors at the session, it is clear that we have as much to learn from the young women as they can from us, so we are all feeling energised about getting on and making this happen in Auckland.

Stay tuned for the update on the Women4Climate Mentorship Programme in Auckland - and we are very pleased to welcome Auckland to our inspiring team!