Aynalem Geite

Project: Achieving Green Growth through Food for Life and Seed-balls methods

Aynalem Getie Gismie is one of the few young women leaders (professional and volunteer) in the Ethiopia Scout Association. She studied for a BSc degree in natural resource management at Gondar University, which then helped her to conduct further research on the carbon stock of her campus. At Addis Ababa University, she achieved a full scholarship to complete her MA in developmental studies (environment and development) which motivated her to work on climate mitigation and adaptation techniques. She has also had the chance to work on environmental policy and awareness with REDD+. Aynalem started her career as a youth programmer with ESA three years ago, where she developed the Scouting Youth Program of Ethiopia. This program provides young people with variety of personal development activities including the world scouting environmental program. For the past 7 months she has been the National Executive Commissioner, as which she governs more than 77,000 staff and volunteers all over Ethiopia. 


I wish to implement time proven environmental development projects that are effective at the grassroots level. The goal of the project is to achieve greenery growth in urban settings and adjacent areas through the 'Food for Life' and 'Seedball' methods. A lot of people are facing food scarcity due to high purchasing costs or a lack of knowledge of how to produce food. The Food for Life technique demonstrates and helps to grow food , satisfying daily dietary needs within the confines of their residential unit in a convenient manner. 

The Seedball project acts as a complementary program to the FFL, utilising the playful nature of preparing mud balls to encapsulate life-giving climate-resilient plant species and spread them over large areas of denuded peripheral landscapes in the metropolis. This project is attractive for younger stakeholders while providing opportunity for older members of the community to engage with young people in a productive and communal manner. 

I believe implementing of FFL and Seedball method will contribute to climate change adaptation, by achieving, carbon sequestration; reducing hunger; reducing school dropouts; and improving living standards.


Human kind is facing insurmountable challenges stemming from climate change, water scarcity, social inequality and degradation of natural resources. To give humanity a chance to cope with this challenge requires the involvement of everyone to bring about transformative change. I aspire to be part of this challenge to resolve the problems while promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I believe that achieving sustainability will enable the earth to continue supporting life. The future starts with the mindset, so educating and demonstrating to people how their lives can change for the better through sustainable living will help to sustain the planet. 

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