Project: Green shopping bag as an alternative to plastic shopping bag

I, Gelaye Deyas, am a designer and founder of Gelan handicraft which mainly working on women. Gelan handicraft is a social enterprise with inclusive business model which mainly involves poor, marginalized and uneducated women and young girls in our market chain as product supplier. Our company strategic focus is utilizing and promoting craft skill for job creation and income improvement and finally reaching to well known Ethiopian women community craft product brand with in the country and abroad which will be well preferred due to its quality, uniqueness of design and natural production inputs.

I have been also involved in different groups and association that are working on economic empowerment and inclusiveness of women in different areas and supporting them through lobbying and mobilization of  different women to participate in this platform. In addition, I have been involving in facilitation of Indian environmental technology experience sharing to Ethiopian individuals and professionals.


I have already started the environmental focused project that focuses on decreasing the use of plastic shopping bag in our day to day activities and their impact on the environment. This activity focuses on promotion, production and distribution of Green bag and packaging as well as training of the public especially young girls and women that live in different parts of the country. Currently, we are providing green bag production skill and marketing training for young girls and youth in different region with Ministry of forest, environment and climate change. The training participants are young girls and youth who have interest to part of in production and be involved in environmental protection project. our company was recognized as one of the company that have developed environmental friendly product and have got recognition in2018 by Ethiopian Ministry of forest, environment and climate change at Environmental project competition.


I am a designer and handicraft product manufacturer. I have seen a lot of plastic bags and packaging thrown out here and there along street corners, water drainage canal and the like place and holds a lot of wastes within it.  it has blocked the drainages, bring bad odors, breeding media to flies and rodents that could affect the residents health. I always observing our environment that is affected more and more from time to time but little efforts are being made to protect the environment and it consequence. I have also seen global warming issues being a hot topics and peoples are being concerned, however, in our country this topic is not well promoted and peoples are not well mobilized to do what they are able to do. I have an interest and a passion to work and participate in environmental protection issues specially on plastic bags over all utilization and handling that have impact on human health, soil fertility, global warming and animal productivity. I love to help and motivate other to preserve their environment and work for the betterment of their community.