Project: Wise Women Herbal Gardens

Hiwot was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Dessie, some 400 km North of Addis Ababa.  She has a solid experience as a nurse and an additional BSc diploma in Applied Human Nutrition completed in 2017 from Bahirdar University. She is a highly motivated professional in the space of human health with a deep passion for climate and green environment especially for healing plants. She is committed to be part of the solution and determined to pursue her dream. Hiwot sees herself as a sustainable entrepreneur.


”Wise women herbal gardens” aims to support people to stay in good health by connecting them to healthy nutrition while providing disadvantaged women with economic opportunities and promoting climate smart food production. My vision is to become one of the leading climate smart herbs and vegetable garden brand not only in Ethiopia but also on the global stage.

The project will mobilise urban women to use the available land for gardening and food production as a response to the climate change crisis and to create better environment for people, our planet, at the same time it will develop viable small businesses able to make a profit in line with sustainable inclusive development.

We plan to achieve this through climate smart plants and setting up thriving herbal gardens in urban environment.


I have participated in climate change related events such as climate change induced migration IGAD regional consultative workshop, climate sensitive disease surveillance inception meeting and climate sensitive disease surveillance training in 2018 and 2019. These meetings with passionate professionals urged me to look for my share of responsibility towards solutions. I am committed to work on the urgent global challenge that we face particularly in urban area that lack green space. Women4Climate is for me the opportunity for meaningful participation as a woman and I am very much willing to join the C40 mentorship program with strong confidence to become a strong voice for climate change.

I am committed to participate any needed activities for our global Women4Climate network dream success.