Project: Werq

Makeda Mulushewa graduated from Mekelle University and is an experienced finance officer with a demonstrated history of working in diverse industries. Embracing nature, turning to nature for healing, and questioning the unclear ingredients in products is a habit she learned from her grandmother. She loves making natural beauty products from home and taking natural alternatives for her needs as much as possible.


Chemicals in products are used by most large beauty brands for longer shelf life and to allow the products to have various texture and feel. These chemicals create health hazards and are damaging to the environment once they are washed away down our sinks and released into our lakes, streams, rivers and public water systems, damage animals and plants.

Werq is a brand that I want to build which produces 100% natural beauty care product that is used and inspired by Ethiopian Women home Self-care practices. Our goal is to create accessibility to 100% natural beauty care ingredients from the motherland and to educate on the importance of using natural products as well as how to use it.

It started at home for me. I had the privilege to live with my grandmother, and one of her lessons from many was the trust she had in natural ingredients. I grew up grabbing raw ingredients whenever I need healing and having this mind-set. Fast forward now not only does it comes naturally to me but also with all the researches that are out there regarding health dangers by cosmetics and personal care products and the environmental impacts of these products I find it necessary to use natural products, and that is my initiative.


When I read researches and see how chemical components in beauty products are toxic to ourselves and the environment that is when I think about how easy it was for mankind when our ancestors were using things from their kitchen to take care of themselves. That is why I want to build a brand that celebrates the use of 100% all-natural ingredients and also at the same time creates awareness as it is vital to have conscious consumers, and that is what inspires me.