Meseret Habtamu

Project: Soil-Vegetation relation along topo-sequence and soil carbon dynamics of Yerer mountain forest.

Meseret is currently a PhD Student at Addis Ababa University and a lecturer at Kotebe Metropolitan University. She joined Kotobe Metropolitan University in March 2016. She is responsible for teaching undergraduate students; conducting research; and engaging with communities, linking research and community development. Before joining the University, Meseret worked with Lem Ethiopia, the environment and development society of Ethiopia, as an environmental officer for over four years. Prior to this, she also worked as a teacher for three years. Her MSc thesis work was on carbon stock estimation of urban forests in selected public city parks in Addis Ababa; the difference in the carbon sequestration potential of indigenous and exotic tree species; diversity and evenness of species; and the potential contribution of public parks for climate change mitigation.


I want to conduct a research on soil-vegetation relations along topo-sequence and soil carbon dynamics of the Yerer Mountain forest, evaluating implications for mountain ecosystem functioning and services. This study will combine several multivariate analyses to discern the relationship between soil, vegetation, and topography. The soil-vegetation relation along topography is an important environmental factor that is responsible for the spatial distribution and abundance of vegetation, which will have implications for ecological restorations and management to enhance ecosystem functioning.

Yerer Mountain is found in Addis Ababa. Air pollution and the associated natural resource depletion (mainly deforestation) is deteriorating the quality of the city. Rehabilitating deforested areas of Addis Ababa has a significant role for maintaining a healthy environment. This research has implications for ecosystem services - climate change mitigation is one of the key ecosystem services of forests.

The Women4Climate mentorship program will help me by facilitating networks with other universities; training and conferences; and by assigning a mentor which can help me to make my research successful.


I have an interest in working on conservation, rehabilitation and awareness enhancement programs concerning environmental issues relating to climate change. My prior work at Lem Ethiopia was related with such tasks and I participated in various activities in different regions of the country. This helped me to consolidate my role as an environmentalist. In addition, I also worked as a lecturer – I taught the course on biodiversity conservation and management for second year university students. I am motivated to be a role model in conservation, and in combating climate change as a scientist. It is my wish to conduct a research which can benefit the community of Addis Ababa.