Nura Mohammedata

Project: Application of Green Building Principles in Addis Ababa

Nura is an academician and practicing professional with a B.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning and M.Sc. in Environmental Planning and Landscape design. She is a lecturer at Addis Ababa University (EiABC) and has conducted several research and projects on climate change-related issues including sustainable stormwater management, Urban Heat Islands and Urban agriculture. Nura also works in a well renowned consulting office working on different Master Plan, Urban Design and Landscape Design projects. She is an environmental and climate change enthusiast who always strives to achieve a balance between the natural and built surroundings to bring about a resilient environment. Nura is the coordinator of the Addis Ababa Women4Climate Mentorship Program with responsibilities including liaising with various member and levels of society, selecting mentees and mentors and planning for events and training.


The design, construction, maintenance and demolition of buildings have a tremendous impact on the environment and natural resources. In Addis Ababa, there is a tremendous increase in the construction of buildings in recent years. However, the concept of green buildings is very new in Addis Ababa. So, my project focuses on the application of Green Building Principles in the city. It aims to fill the gap in regards to green building and its application by assessing the building practices of selected buildings in comparison with green building principles, its opportunities, challenges and possible strategies for its application and implementation with special emphasis on the design and development of vertical greenery to mitigate climate change and achieve sustainable development. This project is important as it contributes to bringing about more sustainable practices and techniques that minimise the negative effects of conventional buildings.


I want to use my knowledge and experience to provide solutions that can create concrete results. I believe change comes within and doing things however small can have a large impact and if we all do our part; we are one step closer to a sustainable world. My role among others is through this project which contributes to a more sustainable practice in the building and construction industry, through educating and sharing my knowledge to the youth, through enabling the next generation of women climate leaders and striving to come up with innovative methods that overcome the challenges in our day-to-day life.