Project: Safe cycling program

Currently, Regatu is working as a team leader of Public and Non-Motorised Transport in the Addis Ababa Transport Bureau. She also worked as traffic management staff in the same office before becoming team leader. She has been engaged in coordinating and participating in different projects that are related to non-motorised transport system including: the safe-cycling project for Addis; construction of cycling training grounds; NMT strategy and implementation; study and design of cycle networks; in addition to making design reviews to include proper cycle lanes for the newly designed roads. She also served in different public and private organisations as project coordinator, assistant highway engineer and office engineer.

She strives for continued excellence, with an MSc in Road and Transport Engineering and a BSc in Civil Engineering. Having the ability to work long hours with great concentration, she loves to challenge herself with new experiences. She is passionate about her job and wants to achieve a successful career.


I am leading the safe cycling program in Addis Ababa to promote cycling as a mode of transport in addition to pedestrian and public transport projects, which are essential to combating climate change in Addis Ababa. The design and construction of cycle lanes; awareness creation for the community; capacity building for different stakeholders; preparing different guidelines and policy documents are just some of the areas that we have planned to work on this year. One of the objectives of the non-motorised strategy of Addis Ababa developed by our office is to improve air quality in order to meet WHO ambient air quality norms 350 days a year. I hope the mentorship programme will enhance my knowledge and skills to influence political leaders and decision-makers to introduce non-motorised transport modes in the city to combat climate change. 


Since transport sector is one of the major sources of global emissions, I am striving for the successful establishment of non-motorizsed transport systems and public transport system in the city of Addis Ababa, to shift to more sustainable modes of transport. Together with my team, we are working on developing policy documents to encourage cycle users in addition to increasing a modal shift from personal motor vehicle to public and non-motorised transport modes.