Project: Sheba Threads

Yididiya Damtew is a sustainable entrepreneur who wants to create positive change by sourcing products made from sustainable and renewable material with focus on Bamboo resource. She aims to promote the story behind her accessory products and foster initiatives that conserve and protect the environment.

Yididiya started her sustainable design journey with Sheba Socks. It is one of the first accessory brand of Sheba Threads, a start-up company whose aim is to infuse heritage, tradition and environmental ethics into its products.

She believes a design that connects us to the natural environment can be a method of sustainability and our connection to the environment makes it easier for us to care for it. The way she intends to do it is by offering bamboo made accessories like socks, rugs and blankets. Whenever people wear her products, she wants them to be motivated and inspired enough to care for the environment.


Sheba threads is a company aiming to produce bamboo threads in Ethiopia out of Ethiopian indigenous bamboo resources to fuse heritage & environment into its accessory brands. The company first brand line is Sheba Socks whose aim is to provide uniquely designed bamboo socks as a force for good. Born in Ethiopia, the brand adopts the traditional colours and patterns and weaves it into modern everyday accessories for everyone and every occasion.  

As everyday essential, socks are prefect to tell stories, inspire sustainable lifestyle and make a difference one pair at a time.  So far 80% of our customers do not know if socks can be made from bamboo. This allow us to educate the health and the environmental benefit of bamboo clothing while also sharing our heritage. We aim to reach more people to show them they can be stylish while protecting the environment. With similar approach, Sheba Threads aim to introduce diversified eco-friendly accessory products.


Growing up being open-minded and curious I was involved in various community service activities that have helped me observe the extremity of poverty in Ethiopia. At a young age, I realised the solution and the end to a generation of poverty will come when people are able to provide for themselves. Since it has always been my passion to use my skills to create jobs. My personal and professional experience have shaped me to value to people, planet and profit. And that is why at Sheba Threads, I want our products to create multiple jobs and earn profit to yet again employee more people while protecting the planet.

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