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Adi Sholev Founder and CEO of Urban Daisy - Green Roofs, Green Data Adi is passionate about creating pathways between impact, product and research. She is continually searching for holistic solutions and understandings for sustainable development. Her diverse education and experience working as an ecology researcher, project manager at an Agtech startup and leading several environmental - social projects has culminated in her founding Urban Daisy - Green Roofs, Green Data. Environmental sustainability is dependent on the collaboration of multiple sectors and disciplines and cannot thrive without financial viability. For this reason, Adi is dedicated to creating financially beneficial sustainable solutions and hopes to facilitate quantifiable environmental impact within the business sector.


Urban Daisy is a one-stop-shop for green roofs offering full service and project management starting from location surveys through design, construction and maintenance. Our green roofs are designed to amplify environmental impact, improving buildings' thermal function, stormwater management, air quality and local biodiversity. Urban Daisy optimizes design via data analysis creating multifunctional green roofs that are both financially and environmentally beneficial. Our green roofs double as Living Labs with research conducted in collaboration with climate specialists and geographers. Sensors are installed on our green roofs and in buildings to measure and analyze the specific benefits of each and every green roof. Using this data, we generate Environmental Impact Reports that businesses can publish and present to their investors and customers. In the future we aim to use our data to develop design tools and knowledge for mitigating the Urban Heat Island and managing stormwater in urban settings.

The core question Urban Daisy is attempting to answer is: How can the business sector be motivated to take part in creating resilience to climate change? The short answer, make it financially viable. Mitigating the climate crisis is a complicated mission and though there is still much research to be done there are some challenges that can be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, lack of finance is often a major barrier to progress. Urban areas are growing rapidly, and while space on ground level is becoming scarce rooftops are largely unutilised. Green roofs are a way to create both positive environmental impact and utilize real estate. Quantifying the specific impact a green roof has on its environment helps businesses follow sustainable development goals while using the green roof for their own uses.


As a global community we are facing challenges in almost every aspect of our lives. Many of these challenges be it social, health, finance and others are often location specific and create polarized opinions. I believe that environmental sustainability is not only a global concern but also a common denominator people and organizations can agree on. We all need a healthy environment to thrive and survive. Considering the challenges national and local governments are facing, and the dearth of public resources, Adi believes the private sector is positioned to take a larger role in mitigating the climate crisis. Financially beneficial and profitable products and services promoting sustainability could facilitate this.

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