Project: Packt

Agata is an environmentalist with a passion for tackling plastic pollution using circular economy solutions. In 2014, when cycle-touring around South East Asia, she saw first hand the devastation plastic caused and decided to make a meaningful change. She started reducing her own waste and after a few years she joined two other female entrepreneurs to launch one of Toronto’s first reusable takeout container programs. She brings that experience to her newest project Packt, a reusable packaging company helping Toronto food businesses switch from disposables to reusables. Before becoming an eco-preneur, she was on the board of directors of a Canadian environmental publication (A\J) and worked for a land trust. Back in the UK, she worked to tackle inequalities in education access as well as in HR. She loves nature and sports. Capoeira and hiking are her favourite activities. 
She has a Masters in Organisational Behaviour and you will often find her reading about human mind and development.


Packt is a circular economy venture which allows food businesses to move away from disposable packaging and embed reusable packaging in their operations. Packt rents reusable food packaging to food businesses selling dry bulk foods like coffee, herbs, teas e.g. coffee roasters, cafes. They then sell their products to the end consumer in Packt bags. It is ideal for businesses unable to run their own reusable packaging systems in-house. Reusable Packt bags circulate in a closed loop between Packt, food businesses and shoppers, reducing the demand for disposable packaging and filling a market gap of reusable soft packaging (bags) for small businesses. We track, collect, wash, sanitise and restock the bags, saving our clients time and effort while helping them operate more sustainably. We use durable bags made by a women-owned business in Quebec. Bags are made of hemp and cotton with a food grade waterproof inside. Packt aims to reduce packaging-related GHG emissions through reducing the need for the extraction, production, and disposal of disposable packaging materials. We want to do it by ensuring that reusable packaging becomes a norm rather than the exception it is right now.

From the very beginning, Agata and her co-founder knew they wanted to work on a circular economy solution to disrupt the disposable packaging status quo. They interviewed several Toronto businesses to understand what challenges they are facing while using disposable packaging and what reusable solutions they have tried.  Agata and Beth discovered that several food businesses (especially coffee roasters) wanted to use reusable bags to package their products but the only option for them was to buy bags and run the system in-house which wasn’t feasible. And so Packt was born - a reusable packaging service.


Time spent in nature with my family fuelled my love for all things wild. I was lucky to grow up foraging for wild mushrooms, hiking on the local trails and sailing. That combined with my life-changing experience cycle-touring South East Asia in 2014 culminated in me becoming an eco-preneur. Communities and ecosystems around the world are paying a high price for the convenience of disposables. Although I can’t solve all problems, I can do something. Idealist by nature, I am a great believer that individual actions count and want others to believe that, too.

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