Núñez Castaño

Project: Verdópolis

My name is Alba and although I live in a big city, I’ve always had a strong connection with Nature. This is without a doubt what marked the birth of my project.

After finishing my biology degree, I moved to Barcelona to continue my studies. Here, I discovered I needed to be in contact with nature day to day, so I built an urban orchard in the terrace of my house. Little by little, I incorporated more types of plants adapting myself to the different spaces that my flat had to offer. Soon I realised that my house had become some sort of natural lab and decided to start my project. In 2016, I began to divulge knowledge about plant care through social media and start to teach workshops. At the beginning of 2019, I built my company which disseminates information about cultivation of different types of plants in the urban environment.


My project, Verdópolis aims to reconnect citizens with Nature, more specifically with the world of plants. The main objective is that people develop the need to cultivate plants at home (both edible and decorative) and that they learn to take care of them in an intuitive way to contribute to making cities green (“verdopolización). Through private workshops, I communicate to people what's the best way to cultivate plants in their small city spaces so that they incorporate plants in their terrace, balconies and interiors, improving the urban ecosystem and minimising their carbon footprint. In parallel, I have created a line of products oriented to facilitate the incorporation of plants into our city flats. Through the workshops for companies specialised in installation of green solutions, I want to show people the great work that these pioneer companies are doing with the objective that in the future these solutions (green roofs, vertical gardens…) are demanded by communities contributing to the reforestation of their city.


My personal necessity to live in contact with Nature in a big city made me change my lifestyle by incorporating a great quantity of plants in spaces I have lived in. With time I saw that this topic generated a lot of interest but there was little information about it. Or rather that the existing information was very technical, therefore difficult to understand for people that wanted to enter the world of plants.

Developing a project like “Verdopolis” has allow me to contribute in a direct way to the creation of greener cities. My biggest motivation is inspire citizens with my love for Nature and involve them in creating the change that our cities need.

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