Project: A Library of Things

Often described as having infectious energy, Amy is highly motivated to get things done! During the week she works in sustainability, with a particular interest in waste prevention through sharing and reuse. 

In her personal time she volunteers for not for profit projects, including bush care, environmental education, community owned renewables, and most recently has founded the Inner West Tool Library Sydney. She is exploring how the sharing library concept can expand on a more sustainable scale, to have a greater impact on reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Having lived in a number of countries and being involved in different fields of work, Amy appreciates the diversity and expertise of people. She loves connecting with engaged communities and thrives on seeing connections made and the amazing ideas, projects and collaborations that result. 

Amy has previously worked in travel and loves exploring the world and learning from different cultures. With a huge passion for sustainability she decided to change careers and has never looked back.


Sydney is a beautiful and vibrant city but still very transient. Meeting your neighbours is harder than ever. I want to create a place that everyone can access, to come and borrow things they need, meet others in the community and chat about their projects.

Seeing the social and environmental impact that the Inner West Tool Library (IWTL) has had in such a short time has inspired me to continue working in ways that reduces need for new materials to be taken from the planet. There are enough ‘things’ in this world already– lets share the things that already exist.

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