Digon Nadal

Project: Amonet Intim

I grew up in a small village 100 kilometres from Barcelona. At the end of school, I moved there to pursue my studies. Dreamt about making this world a more pleasant place. I graduated in Interior Design with the idea of ​​creating harmonious spaces to inhabit, where people and their relationship with Nature are central.  But I felt I needed a job that would allow me to express myself through my hands. So I learned how to design and create clothes. Instead of decorating spaces, I started decorating bodies. The objective continues to be the same: to make this world more pleasant. So, questioning everything that surrounds me, everything that I had learned until the moment, looking for a connection with my body, identifying the contradictions of this society.  I found myself studying the body of a woman to reclaim her power. I create scenic clothing and raise awareness about the life cycles of women and, ultimately, human beings.


In Amonet Intím, we work around the cycle of the woman. We make reusable fabric products for menstruation, such as pads and intimate protectors, focused on staunching urine and menstrual flow leaks. We use locally sourced fabrics to know the origin and production processes of the raw material and fabric. We are interested in recovering the knowledge about woman's body that were silenced or despised by the historical and current patriarchal system.We want to give the value that it deserves to basic female functions and their energies and qualities.  Our work focuses on explaining how the woman's body works, its parts, both internal and external and its rhythms while encouraging women to observe with care and recognise them in their bodies. We understand the importance of learning to take care of and appreciate our own bodies while being deeply connected to Nature. We are part of a community that needs to heal and recover the connection with the land.

Simple observation shows the destruction of our natural surroundings. Plastics, cans, chewing gums… Men-made products have a severe impact on the ecosystem, affecting the balance of the environment and having a direct impact on our health. It's been a while since we have been leading a zero waste lifestyle. We are redefining conversations around the values ​​of our society and trying to improve our traditional practices. It was therefore natural, we strated to look how to manage menstruation. This natural and essential process was made taboo. Enveloped in fear, pain, misunderstanding... Mainstream products are designed to avoid contact with our blood. They contain plastic, fragrances and chemicals. The volume of waste derived from menstrual management products is very high. This waste can also linger for up to 500 years in the environment. 

The question was, how to mitigate the problem? We propose returning to the origins with the resources we have and making reusable products, using high-quality fabrics to benefit our bodies and environment. That way, we reduce the amount of waste and we extend the life cycle of our products.


On the one hand, the lifestyle that dominates the West has always bothered me. We are disconnected from Nature as if we were on top of it, as if it wasn't the basis of our existence - the way we have been taking advantage of our resources and modifying ecosystems without any environmental awareness. On the other hand, we constantly face contradictions in the society we live in - I feel disoriented and insecure.

Accompany me from a little deep belief that there is a different way to do things. More kind, more respectful. It is not only that we can live well and sustainably. The only way we can aspire to a wholesome life is if we are in healthy contact with our natural surroundings. What is inside is outside. As individuals or as a society, we cannot be healthy if the planet is not in harmony either.

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