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Project: AdNSostenible

Ariadna Benet is a founder and consultant at AdNSostenible, a consultancy that assists companies in incorporating sustainability into their business strategy. Besides generating new business opportunities and savings, we contribute to reducing companies’ environmental impact. Ariadna holds a PhD and BS in Chemistry and a MSc in Environment and Development. Starting from an International development approach, she coordinated development projects in the Pacific region and in Eastern Europe that aimed at investigating sources of pollution while raising awareness on the links between environment degradation and the loss of well-being. Conscious of the need to simultaneously tackle the two root causes of this problem, companies’ performance and consumption behaviour, she slowly shifted to business sustainability. As a freelance consultant, she has conducted environmental assessment studies, set up education and training programs, developed municipality action plans to reduce carbon emissions and contributed to the Southern Mediterranean Region initiative to spark Green businesses among local entrepreneurs. Recently, she guides companies in their transition to circular economy.


AdNSostenible was specifically conceived to assist companies and entrepreneurs in the (re)design of business models into sustainability and circular economy, as a means to work for the common good and to reduce businesses’ environmental impact. We use our own methodology to do it: The Pathway for Sustainability to diagnose and spur innovation, and the Total Net Impact to assess performance. These tools are underpinned by the sustainability principles that help framing the boundaries in which any company can operate. We introduce Circular Economy as a means to reach sustainability. The final outcome is a strategic plan to guide the organisations toward sustainability and a set of potential business models to transition to circularity. Ultimately, sustainability stands at the core of decision making. Shifting towards sustainable production implies reducing both the use of natural resources, and the generation of waste and pollutants such as greenhouse gas emissions. Together with our clients we set ambitious goals and develop plans and innovative ideas to reduce environmental impact, including the emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants, thus directly contributing to mitigate climate change. Should we succeed in engaging many companies, we will significantly contribute to a better world.


Sparked by four years living in Papua New Guinea witnessing peoples’ suffering caused by industries’ environmental and social offences, I committed the last fifteen years of professional efforts to environmental protection and sustainable development as a means to improve peoples’ life. AdNSostenible is the culmination of a long personal and professional evolution during which I decided that my contribution to tackle the root causes of both environmental degradation and the loss of well-being would be to improve companies’ performance and to assist them in their transition to sustainability.

Committed to social and environmental justice and convinced that the current ‘modus operandi’ contributes enormously to global poverty I work persistently for a global change towards sustainability. I promote dialogue and collective consciousness for a sustainable future. With this mission in mind, I worked on international cooperation, business sustainability and green entrepreneurship.

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