Sustainability mobility policy for Mumbai

Arohi has graduated with a Master’s in Climate Change and Sustainability Studies from Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Mumbai and a Bachelor’s in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She is currently working as a Consultant with the Power Utility an Electric Mobility team at AEEE. She has worked as an EDF Climate Corps Fellow (2021) on an electric mobility project at Amazon India. She has also worked at IORA Ecological Solution Pvt. Ltd. on data collection for projects such as the revision of State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) and the development of GHG inventory for Maharashtra. Her research interests include renewable energy, electric mobility, innovation systems, climate change, and environmental and energy policy. In her free time, she likes to paint, make beaded jewellery and learn to cook.


Sustainable mobility is a critical action area of the Mumbai Climate Action Plan. Transport and logistics sectors in cities are a critical aspect due to their high cost, greenhouse gas emissions and rapid growth resulting from urbanization. I am interested in working on the further development of sustainable mobility policy framework for Mumbai, with a focus on electric vehicles. The proposed project would examine the current scenario in electric vehicles policies, programs and deployment in Mumbai. The project aims to identify the barriers and shortcomings in the transition to electric vehicles, for instance, the need for electric vehicle targets, policy reviews and tracking the progress on the targets using tools such as dashboards. It also addresses important aspects such as the creation of accessible, affordable and clean transport, and an increase in last mile connectivity. Further, it is pertinent to look at avenues of environmental pollution reduction and climate change mitigation. For example, provisions for the renewable energy supply to charging stations are important to ensure decarbonization of transport sector. The overarching motivation is the development of transport facilities which improves connectivity, provides reliable and sustainable travel to all and thus, provides better opportunities for work, education and leisure.

My work experience in the field of sustainability and electric vehicles has led to the proposed project. I am a consultant in the Power Utilities and Electric Mobility team at AEEE where I am working on the ‘Market transformation of electric two-wheelers’ project. In addition, I have participated in the EDF Climate Corps Fellowship (2021) and worked on reviewing Electric Vehicle state-level policies in India at Amazon India.


I am motivated to make small contributions to climate action in my city, state and in India. I believe that as researchers we can work along with government departments, educational institutions, industry players and other stakeholders to address the pressing environmental issues we face today. The Women4Climate mentorship program provides valuable insight into climate action, particularly the policy-making process and provides me with an opportunity to contribute to climate action and sustainability in the city of Mumbai.

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