Project: Greenback

Felicity Roberts is a tech start-up founder based in West Auckland. Her career to date has been focused in health care, managing general practices and specialist surgical clinics. With an MBA majoring in sustainability, Felicity has always had entrepreneurial drive. She previously established a sustainable, eco-friendly, NZ made fashion label with her sister, which focused on efficiency and new processes to minimise environmental impact and emissions. Felicity made the leap to start Greenback in 2018 after four years considering the concept, realising that now is the time for good humans to step up and make their ideas for climate change action take life as kaitiaki.


Greenback is a project focused on both rewarding emissions reducing behaviour, sharing wins and encouraging action. It also improves access to eco-sourced seedlings and plants through a trading platform, not only allowing local sourcing from everyday New Zealanders but also improving education and awareness of our native and productive trees. The project aims to significantly reduce New Zealand’s per capita emissions, support business and initiatives serving that purpose and raise awareness and uptake of personal offsetting. The project is also of global relevance, potentially far reaching in its ability to show the power of collaboration in each of us taking small actions to make huge impact.


In 2017 I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful man with two small children. I’ve always been sustainably minded and motivated to do my bit, however, understanding the world we may be leaving for these amazing tiny humans to inherit, it put a fire under me to try everything I can think of to give them the best possible chance for a fair, equitable future. I feel such overwhelming urgency that those who understand the situation must act and do what they can because we are kaitiaki (guardians), with a responsibility to our environment, planet and future generations.

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