Project: Conversations between our past and future

Freya Elmer is from Tāmaki Makaurau, who is Kiwi and Aussie Pākehā (European), with British roots. An inter-sectional feminist, Te Reo Māori (Māori language) learner, who loves the environment, art, books, trashy sci-fi, and will do sport if the ocean is somehow involved. She is currently the Assistant Librarian - Pictorial at the Walsh Memorial Library, MOTAT and is passionate about using her space within cultural heritage to inspire, educate and provide a platform for diverse communities to engage with climate change and societal issues. 


The GLAM sector [galleries, libraries, archives and museums] can play a strong role in engaging people with climate change.  The Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland tells the stories of the ways in which technology has shaped contemporary Auckland and highlights the technologies which have contributed to climate change.  This project will explore how an institution that celebrates the past in this way can take a leading role in providing a platform for diverse community engagement on climate change and a focus on the future and solutions to climate change.  The Museum of Transport and Technology has a unique opportunity of reminding us on the impacts of past actions and guiding discussions on solutions to climate change.


Climate change is an issue which permeates all aspects of our society and we are currently at a crucial and scary point. Though the scale can often be overwhelming, I also feel that there is hope in this crisis, by providing an opportunity for humanity to work together to transform aspects of our society that perpetrate unsustainable living and uphold inequality and systematic oppression. I am motivated to be involved in working with diverse voices and communities to tackle the oncoming consequences and prepare for the necessary changes to our society, economy, politics and way of life.