Project: Auckland Sustainable Development Goals in Action

Jody Jackson-Becerra is Samoan woman who has spent the first 25 years of her life in Samoa before making New Zealand home. She has worked in education, strategy and planning (tourism) and in recent years, with youth in the Auckland region. While her academic background is in business sustainability and disaster management/geography, she is most excited about bringing to life youth initiatives, connecting young people to opportunities in education and work, and advocacy. Her passion through all this is fagogo, using an indigenous worldview to engage audiences, connect and empower.

Jody teaches Samoan dance, creates creative wear and ceremonial hairpieces (tuiga) and loves collaborating with different groups and organisations; be it a dance academy, corporate, a church group or a class of enthusiastic tamariki (children) out west. 


Fagogo is a type of storytelling in the Samoan language that uses performing art to bring people, events and stories to life through the skills, voice and action of a narrator.  This project will bring together fagogo and the Samoan indigenous worldview with the Sustainable Development Goals to engage and empower young people to act for climate change. The goal of the project is to change Aucklanders’ mindsets on climate change by providing content and delivering actions that make a real difference.  Auckland SDGs in Action will provide connections, valuable information, tools and workshops that will inform and address, “what can I do to make a difference.”


I’m very passionate about effective change from the ground up, engaging with children and youth, right up to our elderly. I offer a wealth of experience where I can encourage people and small businesses to incorporate climate action and sustainable practices in their operations and everyday lives. Through being part of this programme, I am hopeful that it will allow me to bring my climate action aspirations to reality.