Project: Planetary Accounting Network

Kate has a vision of a world where people flourish on a healthy planet. Kate is a mechanical engineer and a sustainability scientist. Her early career was focussed on sustainable building design in NZ and then Singapore. She led the environmental design for many award-winning construction projects in NZ and Singapore before moving to Perth to set up a sustainable buildings team for engineering firm Arup.

During this time Kate noticed a large gap between the science of sustainability and business and government policies and approach. She shifted her focus away from the built environment and started a sustainability consultancy (Ecometrics) which helps organisations to use science to inform their approach to sustainability. She concurrently undertook a PhD to look at how to best address the gap between science, behaviour, and policy. The result was Planetary Accounting.

In 2018 Kate launched the Planetary Accounting Network, a charitable trust that helps governments, businesses, and people to operate within the planet’s limits.


The Planetary Accounting Network is a charitable trust with a purpose of translating global environmental problems into manageable chunks that can be addressed at an individual, business, sector, city, regional, or national scale, thus enabling people to take responsibility for the state of our planet, whatever their scale of influence.  The network works with organisations to help them quantify their “fair share” of global environmental budgets, and to use forecasting and road mapping to identify how organisations could operate within these and what would be needed to get there.


I feel that with the knowledge of our environmental crisis, comes the responsibility to do something about it. We are entering the most important decade for humankind, during which we will largely determine the state of the planet for the next 10,000 years. This is a huge responsibility and a huge opportunity. There is no time left for low hanging fruit. We need systemic and transformational change so that we can all live well on a healthy planet. By creating a platform for change and building a network of like-minded people I hope to empower others to drive this change.

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