Serantes Abalo

Project: The Goood Shop

Carmela Serantes was born and raised in a small town in Galicia in 1986, surrounded by nature. In 2008, she moved to Barcelona, where for many years she worked as a creative copy for big advertising agencies like DDB, Contrapunto, BBDO and Proximity Barcelona. For her professional achievements, she was awarded, among others, with two Cannes Lions. Meanwhile in the same city, Carmela began to develop an interest towards responsible consumption. In particular, she was concerned about the generation of waste and emissions which are consequences of delocalisation and lack of transparency from big companies and difficulty to find ethical, social and sustainable alternatives.

In 2015, she founded, a blog about art, sustainability and responsible consumption.

In 2017, she founded The Goood Shop.


The Goood Shop is a marketplace for ethical and environmentally friendly fashion and homeware with a mission to give visibility and prominence to good brands, making responsible consumption easier and more accessible for all people. The Goood Shop aims to disseminate and promote responsible consumption through the website and through other communication channels. Next to each product, the story of how it was created is shown, highlighting its ethical, social and environmental aspects. All the products sold in The Goood Shop are manufactured locally, in line with the ethical philosophy of waste and contamination reduction.

  • Manufacture 0 km.
  • Materials 0 km or produced in an ecological way.
  • Upcycling or creative reuse of discarded materials.
  • Facilitation of 0 km purchase through a filter that allows to choose the city of manufacture.
  • Zero waste and maximum use of materials also in packaging design.
  • Choice of natural and biodegradable materials.
  • Choice of recycled materials.
  • Manufacture on request and/or in small quantities, avoiding over production.



The idea of The Goood Shop came up from my own experience as a responsible consumer. I found it difficult to find information and alternatives of sustainable consumption, due to the lack of investment in communication in the sector. I realised that my knowledge in advertising could be useful to give visibility and prominence to ethical and sustainable brands and to generate awareness about the importance of responsible consumption. The Goood Shop works to ensure that choosing socially and environmentally responsible products is as easy as buying other products.

I love this planet. I love its rivers, its seas, each green centimetre. I like its clean air and each one of its habitants, people and animals. I like it so much that I want to dedicate my life to defend it, take care of it and enjoy it.

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