Carolyn Moss
& Simona Sund & Adekemi Oke

Homes to Zero

Homes to Zero is a collaboration between founders Carolyn Moss and Simona Sund of MOSS SUND architects and Adekemi Oke who holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship.  

Carolyn Moss is a graduate of the Architecture program at Carleton University, one of the first in Canada to be LEED accredited and is Passive House and Net Zero certified.  Carolyn has been delivering deep energy retrofits on existing homes in Toronto for over 20 years.  

Simona Sund holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Western University and  Architecture from Carleton University.   She efficiently rolls out healthcare and retail projects across Canada for several international organizations.

Adkemi Oke is a Sustainability, SDGs and Climate Change Consultant for PwC.  She develops solutions to the sub-Sahara challenges of emissions, waste management, climate change, and social equality.  Adekemi recently completed a Master’s degree in Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the Smith School of Business at Queens’ University.

The team has expanded to include a group of amazing and accomplished Toronto women passionate about using their experience and expertise to create a better tomorrow for Toronto through a mass roll out of deep energy retrofits of existing homes.


Canadians spent in excess of $55 billion dollars last year on home renovations.  Energy use in buildings is the major contributor (55%) of GHG emissions in Toronto with single family homes accounting for the largest share at 31%. Most homeowners are not aware of the impact their homes have on climate change. Homes to Zero is an online platform that serves as a ‘one stop shop’ to facilitate the mass-scale roll out of Deep Energy Retrofits on existing homes in Toronto and across Canada.   We partner with municipalities to provide home retrofit programs.  Using big data, we can create tailored plans in support of government climate change commitments. Deep Energy Retrofits are complicated.  We provide an easy to follow 5 step process that takes homeowners from where they are now to a comfortable, resilient, zero emission home.   The platform will use data driven solutions, AI and an affiliate/marketplace model that will provide education, evaluation, planning, implementation (including financing) and monitoring in one place, allowing the industry to move from the current state of one-off to mass-scale retrofits.

Homes to Zero was conceived in the Fall of 2019 by founders Carolyn Moss and Simona Sund to support the Government of Canada and City of Toronto’s Net Zero by 2050 commitments.   Retrofitting existing homes is a key component of the plan and something Carolyn and Simona, as principals of MOSS SUND, a boutique architecture firm in Toronto specializing in sustainable residential design, were very familiar with.  However, we knew that combatting climate change required mass scale home retrofits and the solution was larger than our firm. Through the Ivey School of Business entrepreneurship course at Western University we came up the idea to use our expertise and network to assist homeowners in navigating the complex process of making a home Net Zero.   In April 2021 we partnered with Masters candidate Adekemi Oke and went to work on how to get the 10 million homes that exist in Canada today to Net Zero as quickly and equitably as possible.


There are over 10 million existing single family homes in Canada – the majority of them are kept warm by burning fossil fuels. We all need to understand the energy our homes are using, how that energy use impacts the environment, how we can make changes so our homes become carbon neutral or positive and how those changes will lead to a better quality of life for our families. Making our homes net zero is the biggest contribution individuals can make to combat climate change.  Retrofitting homes for energy efficiency is what we know.  ProjectZero takes our experience and expertise and turns them into super powers for the creation of a better and more sustainable planet.