Project: Closing the cycle of organic waste generation in business to produce on-site clean energy

Adriana Ruíz Almeida has a PhD in Sustainability from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and Master’s Degree in Economic Theory at Mexico’s Technological Autonomous Institute (ITAM). She is a professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana, teaching “Social Responsibility in Industry” and “Sustainable Development and Food”. She is a founding partner of the company Sustenta Estrategia Ambiental.


A year ago, I decided to put into practice some knowledge acquired for a project that I coordinate, called: "Valorization of organic waste for the distributed generation of clean energies". It was an opportunity that I embraced to positively impact the environment and our society, by rethinking the "model" of organic-waste generation and treatment. The purpose of the project is to use organic waste generated in the daily operation of shops (mainly restaurants and cafeterias) through the adaptation of biodigesters for production and use of biogas as heat or electric energy on-site.


For almost 8 years, I have been studying and analyzing sustainability. I decided to follow this path because as a Mexican woman, I have witnessed the challenges that a complex megacity faces every day, and which generate externalities that threaten our wellbeing. One of them is the amount of waste produced in our city.

I am both excited and grateful to have been chosen to belong to the Women4Climate program, for which I hope to join the CDMX efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and build a resilient city. I am enthusiastic about learning from women and men with trajectories and experiences complementary to mine, that can contribute to the strengthening of the project.

Finally, I am convinced that the program mentors will nourish me with their own inspiration. Every day, more and more people decide to fight against scepticism and apathy, which I believe can only be overcome with the constant motivation of those of us who have committed to the fight against climate change.