Zero Carbon Employment Nursery

• Master’s Degree in Rural Development from UAM Xochimilco. 
• Founding member of the Zero Vision Coalition and the organization Bicitekas A.C. She also promotes the signing of the Mexican Letter of Pedestrian Rights for Bicired (Bicycle Network) and 30 other organizations in México City.

Project: Zero Carbon Employment Nursery
Objective: Build three cooperatives or social enterprises that provide employment to 50 young people, 50 percent of them women, with innovative services that have little or no impact on carbon production.

Motivation: “I wish that the Project "ZeroCo2 Jobs Greenhouse" contributes to build the future sustainable economy by the hand and heart of young women, men and children. I want a 21st century planet, completely different, not only because of the use of renewable energy or zero waste and zero emissions products and processes, but because I want a more just, peaceful and loving world. It’s up to everyone to act: we are brothers and sisters living together in Planet Earth, our fragile only home.”