Mending the planet - Sustainable Development and incremental changes that families can make in their daily lives to reduce their impact

• Bilingual researcher and translator, with experience in Mexican and Peruvian context. 
• Co-founder of the Peruvian NGO Shinai, which strives to defend indigenous rights.  

Project: Mending the planet: sustainable development
Objective: Facilitate a transformation in how female heads of CDMX families think and act, so that in their daily habits they do less damage to the planet.

Motivation: “My main motivations is an admiration for the interconnections between natural cycles and systems. I don’t want to be responsible for severing connections between organisms and energy flows, because in breaking them we also risk larger collapse. I want to be a positive link in that chain, so that my children and the rest of the population can continue to discover the marvels of nature. Years ago, I turned my quest for congruence inwards on my home, meaning that I sought to use less plastic, re-use materials we already had, look for local producers, save water, produce less waste.

But 3 years ago, returning to Mexico after several years abroad, I felt that many people recognise that an environmental crisis is imminent (we live the signs of it as daily frustrations: increasing traffic, environmental contingencies, water shortages, flooding etc) and they complain about structural problems but few are congruent in their daily habits. That is to say: they don't know what they could do differently.

Which led me to want to share some of the simple actions that I apply at home and with my family, which I do not think are difficult nor more complicated. And at the same time I wanted to learn more about some options which take a larger investment to install, but can have bigger long term effects like installing dry toilets in the city, recycling grey water in high-rises, solar panels and rain water harvesting.

I seek to share all this with other families so that it can become more commonplace, accessible and so there can be greater understanding that everyone can start to do something.”