Mobilizing private investment for the most energy efficient technology in small and medium enterprises

• Master’s degree in Process Engineering, Energy Systems and Environment from the Technische Universitát Berlin in Germany. 
• Works as a senior consultant in the international professional services company IDOM. 
• In the Ministry of Energy, she served as the coordinator of Sustainable Energy Technologies Development project. 
• In addition, at the British Embassy in Mexico, she served as the national leader in the Development of Low Carbon States program. 

Project: Energy efficiency Fund
Objective: Promote the best rational use of energy in housing and small and medium enterprises in the city. Have a technical advisory and training organization for the effective financing of energy efficiency projects in the city. 

Motivation: “Energy efficiency is the one of the most cost-effective mitigation solution. This kind of projects are high in capital investment of new technology, but with a lot of business sense from their high return on investment, what makes them very attractive to green private investors. 

The motivation to develop the Proyecto: “Private Investment Fund for Energy Efficiency” is (1) to mobilize private capital to mitigation and adaptation solutions, which promote energy conservation, (2) enable citizens and small business to install high efficient technology to decrease their energy intensity, generate savings, increase their competitiveness and reduce their vulnerability to energy crisis and (3) to promote the deployment and development of high energy efficient technologies, and (4) last but not least, to support energy security and the energy transition of Mexico City.”