Project: Circoolar, Ethical Workwear

She has dedicated most part of her professional career to marketing and communication in agencies in different industries like tourism, hospitality, consumer goods and IT. For the last 8 years, she has worked in the department of Corporate Communication for one of the world’s leading food and beverage, PepsiCo, working on the implementation and execution of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) actions in Southwest Europe (Italy, Portugal and Spain). In 2019, she changed her professional career. With a strong conviction that beyond promises and commitments, the biggest impact will be achieved by concrete actions, she founded Circoolar, a business that generates positive impact on the planet and people. Circoolar, Ethical Workwear aims to reduce the impact of plastics and fabrics. Her key principle is female empowerment; and her motto: “No importa lo que hayas sido, importa lo que eres (Doesn’t matter what you have been, what matters is who you are)”. 


Circoolar, Ethical Workwear, is a workwear and ecological solutions for committed companies. Though corporate clothing, produces fairer and more sustainable future by challenging the two of most worldwide polluted waste (plastic and textile) as well as the growing inequalities that particularly affect women at risk of social exclusion. To do this, we intent to promote the social and environmental policies and commitments from responsible companies, dressing them with sustainability through their own commitments.

Circoolar introduces the principals of circular economy of social impact in its manufacturing processes thus being able to offer all kind of recycled workwear (100% recycled polyester from PET bottles, 100% organic or regenerated cotton), generating zero waste (collecting the garments at the end of their useful life to be recycled, to avoid generating waste); and of a positive social impact (garments are made by local social workshops promoting social inclusion and female empowerment.). In fact, 10% of all profits will be destined to the promotion of these workshops. By collecting the garments at the end of its useful life, Circoolar manages to close the perfect circle of the circular economy. Circoolar is the first sustainable workwear supplier in Spain to offer recycled and eco-friendly materials in exclusivity and to guarantee zero waste.

A paradigm change of consumption models and positively impacting people and the planet.

The idea came up during an internal competition in a company where I worked. My proposal came to be among the best 4 out of a 100 on a European level. From there, I fell in love deeply with the idea. To manage to transform plastic waste into clothing, and that clothing again into another clothing items. My obsession was to guarantee the perfect circular economy closure. And all of this, by empowering women at risk of social exclusion. In less than a year, and thanks to the training and mentoring sessions in Barcelona Activa, with my partner Luis Ribo, we founded Circoolar, Ethical Workwear.


Firstly, as a woman and mother of two girls. I fight for a society where they are not discriminated just for being women. I want to help to empower other women. Secondly, because I want to see my little girls grow up on a healthy planet, let them know that their little actions can have a bigger impact if we all “do” what’s right.

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