Project: Cierto Estudio

Cierto Estudio is a team of young architects in constant experimentation that displays its interests in the fields of architecture, design, culture and investigation. A common commitment where several creatives merge in a project with a lot of character. Founded in 2014 in Barcelona, it is comprised of Marta Benedicto, Ivet Gasol, Carlota de Gispert, Anna Llonch, Lucia Millet and Clara Vidal. All of them graduated from the Technical School of Architecture in Barcelona. Cierto Estudio works on various projects, from housing and urbanism to furniture and exhibition systems. Its participation in public housing competitions also should be underlined. In 2017, the team was awarded the first prize in the International Contest “Illa Glories” in Barcelona: the master plan of a block of 238 social houses is being developed by Cierto Estudio and three others architecture studios. Recently, they won the first prize for the construction of 70 official protection houses in Masnou.


We are Cierto Estudio. We are an architecture studio with a broad spectrum of sights. Our objective is to generate aesthetically attractive and functionally innovative spaces. Also, especially in new construction sites, we propose environmental strategies that minimise the impact of construction on the planet. Our proposals state, not only the construction of nZEB (near zero energy building) buildings, but also obtain ZIB (zero impact building) buildings. Which means, not only to incorporate energetic measures in the design to consume and demand low energy in the whole life cycle of the building and considering all environmental aspects: water, materials and waste. In all cases, always enhancing the maximum safety for all tenants.

Throughout the studies, we forged a profound friendship between all the six partners and realised several projects together at school. It was then when we started to work, learn, and progress together. In 2015, we rented our first studio. The seed was planted at the end of 2014 when we were awarded distinction in one of the first competitions “Bienvenido a casa” (Welcome home) organised by Solvia real estate. That result motivated us to continue working together, stay in Barcelona and start the project Cierto Estudio.


The climate emergency is prevailing and there’s still a lot to do in the construction sector. Our motivation is to contribute a grain of sand and do things in the most sustainable way and construct leaving the smallest ecological footprint as possible.

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