Project: Understanding Tenant/Landlord Split Incentives for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Claudia has always been passionate about making a positive difference to her community. She studied Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Engineering at University of New South Wales, where she was the Malcolm Chaikin Scholar for 2012. As part of her studies she lived in Sweden for six months, an experience that showed her communities can be empowered to implement energy efficiency and waste programs that benefit everyone.

Upon completing her degree she began working in a sustainable energy EPC company, where she contributed to projects both in commercial energy efficiency and solar energy. An enthusiastic advocate of renewable energy and energy efficiency, Claudia has recently started a position with the State Government and hopes that she will be able to contribute to the sustainable future of New South Wales.


I am assessing the options to increase energy efficiency in rental apartments and houses. A lot of work has already been completed around the tenant landlord split incentive and I want to build on this in a practical way.

Some of the questions I consider are:

  • Do tenants understand what energy efficiency means for them?
  • Do tenants know what they can do that can be removed before they leave, according to the terms of their lease?
  • Do landlords know what they can do about energy efficiency in their properties?
  • Do landlords know they could offer a more resilient and desirable home for potential renters?
  • How do other countries encourage energy efficient properties?
  • Can we adopt or adapt their measures to get better outcomes in Australia?

I want to understand these problems and issues and see what the best method is to get better outcomes for landlords and their tenants. I want to produce a White Paper with recommendations specific to Sydney.


I have always been interested in energy efficiency measures. There is so much scope to use less power and resources without compromising our quality of life or relying on behavioural changes. As a renter in an older building, I have become aware of the lack of efficient control over how we use energy and being able to implement better energy efficient solutions. I want to work out what can be done about it as it will benefit both landlords and tenants in the long run.

I have been lucky to travel throughout Australia and overseas. I am committed to creating a better and more sustainable planet because I want to contribute towards maintaining our biodiversity so future generations are be able to see the magnificent sites our world has to offer.

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