Project: MyGroBox Modular Garden System

In 1967, Corina was born in Toronto. Her family roots in this area date back to the 1750's; when her family came from Ireland to be hemp farmers in the new land. 
Corina always knew that the secret to a fulfilling life was in the garden. As a child she would pick the dandelions off the lawn to keep them from being cut by the lawnmower. For many years, she enjoyed a successful as a Floral Designer and rose to the heights of becoming one of Toronto's most renown Event Coordinators. 
In 2012, Corina became one of an accredited Green Roof Professional. She began her second career in Urban Agriculture with an opportunity to work with the community to design one of the first on the green roof gardens in Toronto. Through the success of this rooftop garden, she learned about the power of growing food to build inclusive communities. 
From this experience, Corina became motivated to develop a new scalable way for people to grow their own food in urban areas that would become known as MyGroBox.


MyGroBox Modular Garden System is a local solution to a global crisis. MyGroBox is a proven way to grow bigger plants with less water and harvest larger yields than traditional growing methods. MyGroBox enables people to grow their own fresh vegetables, heathy herbs for teas and native wildflowers to feed the bees... in one square foot of space.  
MyGroBox is the perfect growing solution for schools or at home on balconies, decks or rooftops. MyGroBox has the potential to provide accessible healthy food for all and will also have a measurable positive impact on climate change. The benefits of MyGroBox will help to mitigate the effects of climate change through carbon sequestration in the soil and the exchange of CO2 for oxygen through the plants. MyGroBox will also absorb rainfall runoff in the soil and expire the excess moisture through the leaves of the plants. Growing food at home and at schools with MyGroBox will help lower the carbon footprint of long distance food delivery. Freshly grown food last longer and creates less waste that will lessen the amount of methane off gassing from land fill dumps. 
The power of MyGroBox is in the potential of mass distribution to the public that would rapidly scale our efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change while making growing fresh food accessible to all.

Through her engagement with the urban agriculture community, Corina soon realized that the demand for growing space in the city far exceeded the amount of garden and green roof spaces that are available to the public. At that point, Corina set off on her journey to find a new way for more people to grow their own fresh food in urban areas as there is limited access to garden space on the ground. In 2014, Corina enrolled in the Humber College Landscape program with the goal of developing her idea of a scalable way for more people to have access to growing their own food. By the time she graduated in 2016, she designed and built the first garden kit prototype called the "Garden To Go". 
As her research continued, Corina became aware of the plight of our native bees and designed the second prototype - the "BuzzBox". This garden kit was designed to empower people to grow native plants from seed to help create nesting, feeding and breeding habitat in urban areas. 
Corina continued her research and development and is now ready to go to market with MyGroBox Modular Garden System that incorporates all of the best attributes from the previous prototypes. 
MyGroBox includes everything to enable people to grow their own fresh vegetables, healthy herbs for teas and native wildflowers in one square foot of space.


Corina has devoted the last 7 years of her life and all her resources to develop MyGroBox Modular Garden Systems. She is highly motivated to answer the call of our collective responsibility to make a positive impact and create a better future for all living creatures on this planet for generations to come.

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