Cristina Capitao and
Rosário Sommer

Project: Generosa

Happiness in a pot. Plants, people and well-being. 
Generosa is a solution that introduces plants not as a decor element but as an engagement tool, reintroducing nature to the daily living. Generosa is a nature-based service to create experiences in office workplaces to boost employees’ well-being with activities and contents focused on the awareness of the benefits of presence, interaction and reconnection between people and nature.

About Cristina Mota Capitão 

Cristina has a degree in Agronomic Engineering by the School of Agriculture - University of Lisbon. Previously, she developed business activities at Bluebio Alliance (The Portuguese Network for Marine Bioresources and Blue Biotech Value Chain) and at INOVISA (an entity that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector). During the last 10 years, she has worked in the incubation process of tech-based start-ups and spin-offs of the agri-food sector. She was also an external assistant of the master course Innovation and Entrepreneurship of ISA-ULisboa (2009-2017) and coordinated several national and international collaborative projects related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology transfer.

About Rosário Sommer: 

Rosário has a degree in Agronomic Engineering by the School of Agriculture - University of Lisbon, and a postgraduate degree in Agribusiness by the Lisbon School of Economics and Management and the School of Agriculture – both schools from the University of Lisbon, in partnership with Consulai (an agri-food business consultant company). Previously and over the past 15 years, she has worked as a patent translator and reviewer and as a scientific consultant at RCF company in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, and genetics in the patent translation and review department.