Romero Campañón

Project: Hi Little!

Multidisiplinary Designer, Mother and First Prize in Social Economy from Prat de Llobregat ’14. Studied interior design at l'Escola d'Arts Deià and led interior design projects for over 12 years specialising herself in sustainability and creation of spaces made for families and children.

In April 2017, she founded Hi Little!, a social economy project of sustainable fashion aimed at #LittleChangeMakers. With the goal of creating collections and at the same time raise awareness about social and environmental issues, sending messages to change the world with the objective of creating collective awareness and empower the little ones.


Hi Little!, is an awareness project aimed at children that uses design and sustainable fashion as a channel. It is a project based on respect, equality, and protection of the environment. We know that dressing differently is possible and we want to pass that on to the new generations. Therefore, our collections are linked to projects of social and environmental impact that raise awareness from an early age and encourage critical thinking and empathy in girls and boy.

Each collection has a purpose of making the aspects of our day to day life visible and to collaborate with educational projects. Some topics that we have already worked on or that are in our agenda are: reclaim greener and more respectful cities for girls and boys, normalise family diversity, recovery rural life as an alternative for climate change, bring closer the reality of girls and boys in conflict countries (#MediterreanFragility). Our production is small scale and done locally in collaboration with social workshops. Our clothing items are made with organic or recycled fibres and we use ecological dyes. We encourage responsible consumption and passing on cloths between siblings.


Growing up in a society that focuses on superficiality and individualism caused this climate emergency that we are in today. Having become aware of this led me to the creation of a project that encourages values through messaging and socio-environmental actions. A textile project based on ethical and cooperative production, the recovery of tradition and sustainability and in turn, the creation of a growing and participatory community of ChangeMakers families that fight against injustice.

Our commitment is to empower, raise awareness and encourage respect in the youngest generation and to collaborate with educational communities. If we learn to respect ourselves, to respect people and our environment, only then will we learn to respect the Planet on which we live.

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