Project: Develop Targets for Net Zero Emissions and 100% Renewable Energy for Georges River Council

Daniela has 15 years’ experience working in sustainability and carbon management with a good combination of experience in the private and government sector having worked in areas of international business development, project management and consultancy. Before taking up the position with Georges River Council in Sydney, she spent 12 years working for the New Zealand Government, first in Enviro-Mark Solutions, part of the Crown Research Institute Landcare Research, and more recently for Christchurch City Council.

Originally from Chile, South America, Daniela studied a Master in Environmental Management in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and lived in New Zealand for 12 years before moving to Australia in November 2018. Daniela loves cultural diversity and how it contributes to sustainability and improvements of cities especially for where she and her family live.


I will investigate the impact of adopting the following targets for Georges River Council:

  • 100 per cent renewable energy by 2025
  • Net Zero emissions by 2030 and

The report will investigate the method of quantifying Council's current emissions and proposed methods for reducing/offsetting emissions. It will look at an indicative timeframe with key performance indicators for stated targets, and a two-future scenario that includes the financial implications associated with achieving these targets.

The report is an important step for Council in moving towards a greener future and playing a bigger role in helping to combat the global issue of climate change. It will demonstrate leadership and an effective response to a public concern that has been raised by community groups, who are informed and proactive about the impacts of climate change and the need for Council action.


I believe we can act locally to respond to climate change and addressing critical challenges for cities is something I have made part of my professional career. I am very enthusiastic and energetic in motivating others, and I enjoy inspiring others people in the journey.

When I saw the mentorship programme, I thought that was a great opportunity to develop my influencing skills working across the decision makers. I would like to get projects across the line and make sustainability a priority for the budget’s holders and senior level members.

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