Project: Lush Carbon Capture Pilot Project

Dawn-Marie is a sustainability & energy management specialist at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. She measures, tracks and reports the GHG emissions for the company. She was integral in establishing the first goals and targets within the operations, which includes a commitment to reduce energy consumption of the manufacturing facilities, distribution centres and retail shops. She works to achieve these targets by identifying and managing energy efficiency and GHG reduction projects, with the goal of reducing LUSH’s environmental impact. Her interest in energy management started early in her career seeing the consequences that over-designing has on energy consumption. Working in consulting, she was able to share her energy efficiency experience with many manufacturing facilities across British Columbia. When she made the move to LUSH, she was excited to be able to work from within an organisation to make a greater impact. Dawn-Marie holds a Master’s Degree in Clean Energy Engineering from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University. Dawn-Marie is registered with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia as an Engineer in Training.


In Vancouver, LUSH manufactures handmade bath bombs sold in North America. When the ingredients in our bath bombs are combined, CO2 is emitted. We were looking for a creative solution to reduce the CO2 from this source, when we were asked to participate in a carbon capture pilot project with CleanO2 sponsored by FortisBC. We installed the CARBiNX unit to capture a portion of the CO2 emitted by converting a chemical reactant into a usable by-product. We’re continuing to discover how we can use this technology to its fullest potential and share our learnings with other organisations.