Lavigne Lalonde

Deputy Mayor of Montréal for Ecological Transition & Resilience

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Montreal and a Master’s degree in International Development and Management of Social Projects from the University of Paris 1 Sorbonne in France, Ms. Laurence Lavigne Lalonde has been the councillor for the Maisonneuve Longue-Pointe district since 2013.  

Before entering politics, Ms. Lavigne Lalonde worked in project management in France, Laos and Peru for Oxfam and the French Red Cross. She has since taken on many responsibilities on various committees, including Vice President of the Montréal Urban Agglomeration’s Standing Committee on Finance and Administration and Vice President of its Standing Committee on Economic and Urban Development and Housing. Appointed to the City of Montreal’s Executive Committee in 2017, she was responsible for transparency and democracy before accepting the mandate to spearhead ecological transition and resilience, Space for Life and urban agriculture. It is now her duty to orchestrate drastic changes to municipal by-laws and practices to make Montréal greener, more innovative and more resilient.

A rigorous elected official, Ms. Lavigne Lalonde has received media attention for her many initiatives in terms of municipal transparency.

A committed politician, Ms. Lavigne Lalonde has participated as a panelist, mentor and presenter at over 50 events promoting political involvement among young women.  With her new-mother colleagues, she has contributed to advancing the concept of work–family life balance, attending several sessions of the Municipal Council and Executive Committee with her newborn as well as working to pioneer parental leaves in the boroughs.

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