Boira Bueso

Project: la Taca d'Oli /La Fàbrica cooperativa

I am a mother and I am part of a multicultural family of ancestors linked to the land in the Maestrat de Castelló region. I have a long history of work and community mediation with a gender approach that I develop from La Fábrica cooperativa in Barcelona. I love working in diverse teams, creativity and tackling challenges collectively. My academic training in communication led me to feminist activism in community radio networks in Europe from Contrabanda Fm; I came to chair Amarc-Europe at the end of the 90's. I am a researcher and trainer in communication and gender. I am part of the Transition Network and as "protector of the earth" I support the Stop Ecocide campaign. My challenge is to accompany processes that contribute to "buen vivitr" (sumak kawsay) on a personal, social and planetary level.


"La taca d'oli" is the sustainability line of the La Fábrica cooperative, which in Catalan means "the oil stain". Our intention is to "extend sustainability" as an oil stain in the neighborhoods from the Social and Solidarity Economy. In 2011 we started with community processes and management of local facilities from sustainable and regenerative criteria of the territory. In 2018, within the framework of the European B-Mincome social innovation project, we co-managed employment plans with the Barcelona City Council, counting on women as local socio-environmental agents. In 2020, with the occupation project at ESS-Singulars de la Generalitat, we embarked on the challenge of developing products from the use of textile resources and pallet wood applied to the field of conscious food and proximity green.

The ecofeminist approach places life at the center of the services we offer (also from La Zona, the ESS virtual platform) to the Public Administration, companies and entities of the Third Sector through advice, training workshops and management of programs and facilities that feed the eco-social transition to other circular and solidarity economies

The starting point of La Taca d'Oli was to realize the distancing of the people from the suburbs with respect to sustainable habits. When, paradoxically, these territories have basic needs to cover that the ESS has begun to respond from urban community gardens, healthy eating, collaborative consumption or the use of waste in an incipient way. Through our trajectory in community processes, we were clear that women are the agents of change capable of transforming the environment in a close and respectful way from a productive and reproductive approach that generates prosperity at all levels.


My commitment as a member of a social work cooperative is to contribute to social and ecological well-being both internally with our team and externally in the projects we develop and the networks we are part of locally and globally. We also launched to open spaces to collectively share our thoughts, feelings and actions around the climate crisis such as ecofeminist recitals, "Climate Conversation Circles" in multicultural language learning classes and online workshops to "Feel climate change" that allow us to face responsibly the challenges posed by the climate crisis.

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